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I've always been a little nerdy and very logically minded so coding and balanced design came pretty naturally. My health lead me to choose a career in a low impact industry. Most of my life has been here in Albany with a little time in Perth, Esperance and Kalgoorlie.


I studied Information Technology here in Albany and began studying Computer Science online through Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology before programming and specifically website development stole my interest. A whole lot of my learning occurred on-the-job.


I started my career as inhouse IT at a local not-for-profit providing in-house IT support and network administration for a team of about 150. I spent the seven years consistently expanding my knowledge and skills in databasing, security, asset management, accessibility and more.
During this time I took an interest in web development and began building websites as a hobby.


Various reasons lead me to branching out on my own to run my business. I work closely with Leapfrog Business Solutions where I meet many of my business clients.  I now have the capacity to take on a few more projects and am ready to get going.


My passion is website development, along with this has come graphic design, working with logos and branding to make a contiguous flowing product. My experience in the not-for-profit industry has pushed me to develop skills making all of my work accessible to a diverse audience.
Graphic DESIGN
Website development
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